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The right choice of chandelier & care

The origin of chandeliers (chandelier, crystal lamp, glass lamp, ceiling lamp) goes back to the 5th century AD. They were reserved exclusively for large churches, as well as representative halls, such as a salon of the Dolmabahçe Palace, among others. With the development of glass manufacturing in the 18th century and industrialization, the chandelier first found its way into the chambers of the nobility and the rich, and now this path leads to you

Belle Arti Furniture & Accessories has made it its mission to equip any room with such beautiful chandeliers, as they once adorned and decorated palaces. They give each room its own charm and not infrequently become the center of attention. Why dream of palaces and castles, when there is a possibility to create your own palace or even castle.

If you think exactly the same way, then you've come to the right place!

Our ever-growing assortment includes chandeliers from a variety of eras, such as Biedermeier, Wilhelminian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and even the 70s.

The only hurdle lies in choosing the right chandelier. Because here there are several criteria that need to be considered. Therefore, first of all, you should take to heart the following points.

  • Size of the room

The diameter of the chandelier should grow proportionally with the size of the room.

As a guideline, we can say from experience that for a 20sqm room, a chandelier with at least 40cm diameter would be the appropriate choice.

  • The ceiling height

The total height of the chandelier should be chosen so that the passage height in the particular room is your height added with your arm length.

So as a rule of thumb:

Ceiling height - chandelier total height = your height + your arm length.

The total height of the chandelier is made up of the chandelier itself and the chain to attach it to the ceiling.

  • The desired lighting

Will the chandelier be the only source of light? First and foremost, you should ask yourself this question so that you choose the right chandelier with the right number of flames and, therefore, the right intensity of light. In addition, the hangings also play an important role in the selection, since by using lead crystals, amber or Murano glass can achieve different refractions of light.

  • The right care

In order to maintain optimal aesthetics, it is of great importance to maintain your showpiece at regular intervals. Thus, you will achieve the best possible shine and, in addition, you will significantly increase the life of your grain chandelier.

The care so far:

Basic cleaning includes dust removal, for example, with the help of a dusting brush. You can also use suitable attachments of your vacuum cleaner. This is followed by wet cleaning. To avoid lime residues, we use our own special cleaner, which you can also purchase from us on request. But good results can also be achieved with distilled water. It is important, since liquid is involved, that you turn out the fuse until the chandelier is completely dry.

Care now:

For cleaning, lay out a newspaper under your chandelier and spray our special cleaner on the crystals of the chandelier. The chandelier cleans itself and you do not have to do more than throw away the newspaper.

Color Gold
Material Crystal glass
Height 61 cm
Diameter Ø 40 cm

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